I remember the tall sunflowers, towering over me while I ran through the fields

I remember squinting into the sunlight, looking up at the big blue sky

I remember the scent of sweet tobacco, as Papa carefully rolled it between papers

I remember running down country roads as fast as I could, until my lungs felt like they’d explode

I remember sitting by the wood stove, the quiet glow of the fire warming me

I remember the sound of a sizzling pan, as Mama made another Hungarian dinner

I remember laying down in the grass, watching the trees sway and counting the stars

I remember sitting on the swing, soaring as high as the rooftop

I remember walking Buddy down gravel roads, or rather, I remember Buddy walking me

I remember the long goodbyes, filled with I love you more, more, more, more, more, more

I remember waving goodbye to my grandparents from the back seat, in the cold of January

I remember how excited they were to go on vacation

I remember that morning

I remember Mom telling me it was okay to cry

I remember Mama coming back

I remember Papa didn’t

I remember the for sale sign

I remember hugging Buddy goodbye

I remember Mama’s new apartment

I remember she smiled again

I remember there was something missing

I remember when she left

And now

I remember them together


And smiling

And free




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