Chicken Little

I glanced at the schedule on my laptop one more time. The morning yoga class I wanted to take was staring back at me, but every time the mouse got close to it, I moved it away.

You see, this wasn’t the yoga class I was used to. Normally I grab a mat, find a spot at the very back of the class, and try to blend into the background so both the instructor and other students don’t see me doing the poses terribly, terribly wrong.

This was different. This was Mysore. In this class, the instructor teaches you a sequence of poses, and then assists you as you flow at your own pace. Slowly, week after week, you add more on, but you take as long as you need to move through the sequence.

The thought of being with a smaller group of people and the one-on-one instruction was intimidating, but with most new things in my life lately, I had a little push from a friend.

“Come on, chicken little! It won’t be scary, I promise!”

I had used almost every excuse known to mankind already, “I have to get up too early! The weather’s bad outside! North Korea’s doing something iffy! I can’t find my pants! I accidentally sang a rousing rendition of ‘My Heart Will Go On’ for 4 hours until 3 a.m. using a spatula as a microphone and now I need sleep!”

Alright, alright, I’ll go.

I opened the door and peered around the corner, as if putting only my head inside the building first would somehow calm my nerves. After managing to clearly communicate my name to the nice woman at the front desk, despite it being very early and having no caffeine pumping through my body, I walked over to the room.

Ok, ok. So there’s some people doing yoga, and they all most definitely look like they know what they’re doing. Oh boy. But, at least I’m in yoga pants. And not just *any* yoga pants, but frightfully expensive ones that I paid way too much for. That’s got to give me some credibility, right?

Alright, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, after the instructor introduced herself and gave me a rundown of what I would experience this first class, I genuinely enjoyed myself. I was so happy to have thorough instruction, especially in areas I had been practicing for years, but couldn’t quite figure out. By the end of it, I laid on my mat, blissfully in savasana, grateful that I knew someone who had the good sense to get me to that class.

Life is a state of constant change. Sometimes the steps you take are big, sometimes they’re little. But it’s just that first step, or in my case, making the rest of my body join my head in the yoga studio, that makes all the other steps seem a little easier.

I hope you’ve got people in your life that give you little pushes when you need them, and if not, I hope you find them.

Have a great week,



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