A Day

My alarm went off at the usual time, while there was still a blanket of darkness over the city and the only sounds that could be heard were the quiet hums of a neighbourhood beginning to wake.

This morning, however, was different from what I was used to. This morning, as I pressed the “off” button on my alarm instead of indulging in an extra ten minutes of sleep, I was utterly and positively ecstatic. This morning, I enthusiastically threw the covers from me, as if being underneath them a moment longer was a restraint I couldn’t possibly bear. This morning, I was already smiling, before I had even reached for the lamp on my bedside table to fill the room with light.

Then I stopped for a moment.

This morning didn’t hold anything different for me. I didn’t have some sort of fantastic plan. There wasn’t an event that I was excited for. I wasn’t about to get on a plane and jet off to a beautiful, exotic location.

No, I was going to get up, hop in the shower, and belt out my usual tunes on my way to school. I was going to sit in class for ten hours, run around the university, and consume an ungodly amount of coffee to keep me going. I was going to walk sluggishly to my car at the end of it, bracing myself for the feel of the cold seats. I was going to wash the day off my face, while glancing at the clock and counting the hours of sleep I could get before my alarm went off the next morning. I was going to crawl into bed, relishing in the feeling of letting my body rest after a full day of running from one place to the next.

So why, with an impossibly normal, tiring day ahead of me, did my heart feel so full? Why could I not stop smiling, even as I moved around my bedroom, gathering all my schoolwork in my backpack?

Because it was another day. A day I got to go outside. A day I got to look at the sky. A day I got to inhale fresh air. A day I got to feel like myself. A day I got to see family and friends. A day I got to complain, to laugh, to love.

A day that was like so many other days in so many ways, and yet a day unique in itself. A day I won’t get back.

It was, today.


Have a day 😉



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