Usually the process of writing is easy. I sit down, open my computer, log in, and about ten minutes later, whatever thoughts I had in my head are now on my screen. Then I read it over, find god knows how many typos from striking the keys a little too enthusiastically, and try to fix them all before I hit “publish” and reward myself with ice cream and 6 hours of Scandal.

But every once in a while, something odd happens. I sit down, open my computer, log in, and……stare blankly at the screen. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what is going on here? Why are the thoughts in my head not flowing down my arms and onto the keyboard? I have so much to say! After staring at the screen for a while, I’ll try to think of creative things to do to jumpstart the process, like moving to a different room or going for a run to clear my head. And after deciding all those solutions require energy, I end up laying on the floor and seeing how many M&M’s I can catch in my mouth while throwing them in the air. (Zero, if you’re wondering.)

Then I begin to wonder if perhaps the writing will just stop. As if I had a certain number of words that I was allowed to type out, and the allotted amount had been reached. “Maybe that’s it until January,” I whisper to myself as an M&M hits me square in the eye.

It is usually around this time that I begin to get distracted from the original task at hand. The only bad thing about the convenience of being able to write on my laptop is the internal conflict that arises from convincing myself not to open a web browser and see what the rest of the world is doing. And when I say “what the rest of the world is doing,” I mean scrolling through Reddit for an hour and then adding 5 items to my Sephora cart before deciding I can’t afford them.

Eventually, and through the greatest amount of self-discipline I can muster, I make myself write out a few paragraphs, which usually ends in disappointment, but is still rewarded with a snack that has enough sugar in it to make me stay awake for my Netflix binge.

Or, if it’s a warm, sunny Sunday and I just want to write something so I can get outside, I’ll write about not being able to write.


Have a lovely week,


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