Cheeseburger, fries….and a diet Coke please

Not too long ago, I used to be incredibly healthy. I managed to get my heart rate up almost everyday (exercising, not looking at my growing student loan debt), and I stayed away from food that would make a paper bag translucent. Then, after moving back to my hometown, something strange happened….I started eating ALL THE FOOD. Maybe I had felt like my 2 years of hard work in the gym needed a break, but for whatever reason, I decided to go on a food-cation. Since it was the summer, I was still pretty active, so I allowed myself to indulge more than usual.

Then something terrible happened. I went to grab a pair of pants I hadn’t worn in quite a while, and as I slid them over my legs, they…….stopped. Yes, they just stopped. Was it some sort of pant protest? Did some a-hole break into my closet in the middle of the night and replace all my clothes with smaller ones? Had they shrunk……3 sizes in the wash?

I thought long and hard about how this could have happened. I still exercised, although probably not as vigorously as I used to. My routine used to consist of an hour of cardio and weights, and now it looked more like throwing on a 15 minute workout video while I thought about what I was going to eat for dinner until I eventually fell asleep on my yoga mat.

The food situation may also have been to blame. My caloric intake was starting to look like the daily nutritional recommendation for a family of 4. Breakfast sausage wraps were now a daily occurrence as I shoved one into my mouth on my way to the university, taking care to make eye contact with as many other drivers as possible so they could join me in reaching rock bottom.

My nightly eating habits didn’t help either. I used to have one treat meal per week, but now I was more in a treat year situation. The other day I had found a box of Ferrero Rocher from Valentine’s Day, and I seriously wondered how it survived almost a month in my presence. (I didn’t have to look far for the correct spelling of Ferrero Rocher, due to the 4 crumpled wrappers sitting an inch away from my laptop).

It was with this reflection that I realized I might need to revert back to my healthy ways. My thirtieth birthday is fast approaching, and for no particular reason whatsoever, I’d like to be in shape for it. Perhaps if only to battle the inevitable hangover I’ll be giving myself after I bid my twenties goodbye with a large amount of champagne.

I will start the healthy eating and exercising first thing tomorrow…..right after the St. Paddy’s Day festivities 😉

Have a good weekend!


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