Good Human Beings

Every now and then, I cross paths with someone who I mentally bestow my highest compliment upon: a good human being.

You know who I’m talking about. They are the people that light up a room. The ones who are slow to anger and quick to laugh. Their energy is magnetic, even when they’re not saying much.

They are always kind. When faced with a difficult situation, they weigh not only how it’ll affect them, but also everyone else involved. They are considerate, and they always know not to take things too personally. There is an innate goodness to them that they couldn’t shake if they wanted to.

You want to be around them, because when they’re there, the world’s a better place.

I have been privileged to come across a few of these creatures during my life, and I am always so grateful to be in their presence. It is through interacting with them that I’ve learned when to let go, and when to laugh at myself.

So thank you, good human beings, for reminding the rest of us to always look on the bright side. I aspire to see the world as you do.

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