Can you hear me now?

I still remember the moment I was gifted my very first cellphone. Way back in 2001, when I was 14 (omg) I heard a faint ringing from under the couch on Christmas morning. I glanced over at my mom, who had that look on her face that every parent has when they get their kid the exact present they wanted. As I held the Nokia in my hand, which I would later discover had the durability to probably survive an atom bomb, I saw a whole new world unfold before me.

Suddenly, and without warning, I could talk to my friends wherever I was, whenever I wanted. There would be no more waiting to use the land line until it was free, no more being interrupted when you were in the middle of a thrilling conversation about what went on at junior high that day, and no more time limits about how long you could be on the phone for. I rejoiced, and it took me about 5 seconds to alert any friend who had a cellphone within a 10 kilometre radius that we were now adults.

Fast forward a *few* years, and nothing has changed about how much I use my cellphone, but my attitude towards it has done a complete 180. I wish I could have someone follow me around for a while and take note of how many times per day my face is an inch away from the glaringly bright screen, often for no particular reason at all.

I am a slave to this phone. And even though I fully realize it, I can’t seem to put the stupid thing down. A while ago I tried a “no screen day” once a week. Guess how that worked out? Within 20 minutes I’d be wondering if someone called/text/sent a carrier pigeon to relay a message to me, and I’d nonchalantly breeze by my phone, “accidentally” bumping it so that the screen would light up and I could see the only new notification I had was that Pizza Hut was concerned they hadn’t heard from me in 24 hours.

And so I sit here, longing for a time before everyone I know could get ahold of me 24/7, or at least the necessary self-control to turn my phone off for a couple of hours. The probability of both those situations happening is quite low, considering in the 5 minutes it took me write this, I checked my phone approximately 2,500 times.

No one text.

But I did get a Pizza Hut coupon.

Have a lovely weekend,



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