Foot? Meet Mouth

“You’ll both have SO much to talk about.”

Remember back when I said social media was slowing distancing us from one another and turning us into emotionless robots?

Ya, about that. 

I love writing. I love when I can articulate how I feel, and when someone understands and connects with me through this blog. I love hearing how other people feel about the topics I bring up, and when they tell me they can relate to what I’m saying. I even like when I get messages letting me know they disagree with some of the stuff, because it reminds me that diversity makes us stronger as a whole.

What I didn’t take into consideration when I started writing this blog, was that I *might* need social media to tell people about this tiny part of the internet where I come to unload my every thought. Of course, I had several friends gently point it out, but naturally, I argued. “No!”, I cried out. “The universe will just somehow come together and people will hear about it!” As if the birds would spontaneously start chirping “onmybrightside”, and maybe you’d find it written in the sand as you walked down the beach.

Alas, apparently the world doesn’t quite work like that, which is why you’ll find a couple of “share” buttons on the bottom of this article. Nothing big, nothing fancy. And no, I haven’t jumped back on Instagram or Facebook, but consider these social media sharing buttons the equivalent of me admitting I might just not be right about everything.

I’m still learning.





4 thoughts on “Foot? Meet Mouth

  1. Just became friends with you on Insight timer! Nice to meet you and nice to read you…
    I just recently went of of Facebook and it has been so quiet and it made me so much lighter not to read negative stuff all day… Thanks for inviting me, I am gonna read more on here!



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