And the list goes on

I have always loved the idea of starting something new on January 1st. Heck, sometimes I get excited just from starting something new on a Monday.

While most people I know greet any sort of resolution with an eye roll and the same amount of enthusiasm as going to the dentist, I will continue to resolve new actions every year, even if I fail in record time (lookin’ at you, 2016).

So, because writing them down will hold me somewhat accountable, here are my resolutions for 2017:

  • So long, alcohol. I rarely have more than a couple of drinks on a night out anymore, but I find I tend to reach for a glass of red after a long day quite often. Hopefully as long as I put the booze out of eyesight, I won’t be tempted to fill up a glass.
  • Time to put the workout clothes back on. As per this post, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I’m not saying I’ll be entering any bodybuilding competitions anytime soon, but it would be nice to go more than four stairs without gasping for breath.
  • Vegetables? I added the question mark because I have all but forgotten what they look like. As someone who eats her vegetables from the toppings on cheeseburgers, it’s time to consume a vegetable without the help of beef or cheese.
  • Speaking of cheese….. This is the point in my life where I say goodbye to dairy. I know, I know. What did dairy ever do to deserve this! And it comes in so many delicious forms, like cheese, and yogurt, and that tall glass of milk one drinks after they’ve stuffed their face with approximately 17 cookies. It’s nothing personal, but every time I don’t consume dairy for a couple of days, I notice I feel better, along with having much better skin. While I traded the joys of a cheese tray for belt-unbuckling-bloatedness in the past, perhaps it’s time to actually give this a shot.
  • Meditation. Now that I’ve got my dietary restrictions covered, let’s talk about the important stuff. Meditation is a major stress reliever, as well as having shown many other health benefits. I have read countless books on the matter, but I found nothing really made the first few sessions easier. Your mind will bounce all over the place, you might peek at the clock every 30 seconds, and you may even wonder why you’re doing it at all. I am still in this stage, but I can attest to the fact that even though I am constantly refocusing my attention back to my breathing, I always feel more relaxed after a session.
  • Donate that stuff. Recently I watched a documentary on Netflix from these guys, and I soaked it right up. I immediately started surveying my stuff, and realized just how much of the things I own, I don’t actually use. I have started working on this already, but I will continue to give away the things I don’t really need, which will also mean cutting out big chunk of my wardrobe (which shouldn’t be a problem, since I normally revert back to the same old jeans and college hoodie anyway 😉 )
  • Be a little kinder. I make this resolution much more often than every January 1st, but it’s a good reminder to myself. Too many of us are so busy with our days, or have so much on our minds, that we forget to embrace the simple human interactions we encounter everyday. Make eye contact, smile, ask someone how their day is; it’s really the small things that can make the biggest difference.
  • Be present. This one is the most important of any of the resolutions, and also the one I’ve been working on the longest. If we’re not present in every moment, we miss so much of our lives. I am a certified worrier; someone who constantly thinks about past mistakes, and who applies every worst scenario to the future. And what have I accomplished after 29 years of thinking like this? Anxiety, a bout with depression, and enough pessimism to fuel a flight around the world. Besides the toll living this way takes on relationships and health, it also made me pretty miserable. So from now on, I’m taking things one day moment at a time.

That wraps it up! I know some of these aren’t going to be the easiest, but that will make writing about them all the more fun :p

I hope those of you making resolutions have everything you need to stick to them, and if not, there’s always 2018!



3 thoughts on “And the list goes on

  1. I love how you are making a list of all the ways to better yourself this year and I’m just trying to get though the day without crying into my ice cream. I wish you all the luck this year. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with everyone. You are a truly wonderful woman and I hope 2017 is the best year you’ve ever had. XOXO.


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