Let’s get physical


I huffed, and I puffed, and I almost fell to the floor when I heard the words “alright guys, now that the warm up’s done…”

I used to be outrageously motivated in the workout department. Six days a week, I would make sure I was either in a spin class, running outside, or crying in my basement while Jillian Michaels yelled at me from my computer screen (I should note, she yelled at anyone that bought the DVD, and it was mighty effective).

Somewhere along the path of destruction that was 2016, my motivation gave way to more sedentary activities, like seeing how many Real Housewives of Mars I could watch before my I.Q. fell to the same equivalent as the 4 day old leftover Chinese food in the fridge.

It is due to the New Year, and to the fact that I can no longer sit comfortably in most of my pants, that I decided while I’m working on getting my head into a better place, I may as well let my body hitch a ride on that train.

Besides getting out the old DVD’s, I figured it would also be beneficial to dust off that gym membership I’ve had for the past 4 months and actually make it past the front desk.

So, on January second (and not a damn day sooner), I will venture into the gym with the awareness of a frightened meerkat, and pray the people who actually know what they’re doing have mercy on me. For the last time I actually broke a sweat, I was running after an ice cream truck.




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