A bump, followed by a little kindness

I have been consciously trying to act with kindness in my everyday life, particularly when interacting with strangers. All too often I’ll encounter a grumpy salesperson, or someone who couldn’t seem to muster a smile, and I never wanted to be on the giving end of that equation.

I was lucky enough to encounter kindness above and beyond what was expected today, after experiencing a not so pleasant accident on the way to run some errands. While waiting at a red light, I was rear ended. To add to this, one of my errands involved returning a present for a boyfriend I had recently broken up with, so I was already not in the most festive of moods.

Upon arriving to the store, the salesperson asked me my reason for the return. Due to my total lack of a filter, and perhaps wondering what the point of hiding it was anyway, I blurted out that it was a return because I had broken up with my boyfriend on Christmas. The man looked up from his computer, walked around the counter, and gave me a hug.

It took me by surprise, and, as someone who is normally not in favour of hugs from a stranger, I found I genuinely needed it.

That small gesture of kindness changed my whole demeanour. There, in the bustle of a hectic mall, with people on missions for boxing week savings, a stranger took five seconds to display a symbol of humanity that is more rare than it should be.

Thank you, kind stranger, for letting me know that in a world full of people that appear to be too busy, too unconcerned, or too self-involved, that there are still people that care, simply for the sake of caring.



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