I’ll keep the teacup of raspberries, as it’s going to be a little sunnier than this post.

2016 proved to be a trying year. After a breakup (of 6 years), quitting my job, moving back to my hometown, and deciding to finish my degree, I’m looking forward to greeting 2017 with optimism.

Even after these major changes, I found myself still wondering what happy meant. I thought starting fresh would lead to more smiles, or a clearer mind, but when I really thought about it, I took all my worries and heartache with me during the move. There were days when I thought I was taking all the right steps to achieve some sort of stress free state, but all I was doing was replacing old mind clutter with new ones. Instead of watching television for hours on end, I would now just stare at my phone. Planning my new life went from exciting to depressing, as I became obsessive with the potential outcomes of my decision.

I had read about mindfulness in the past. In fact, about a year and a half ago, a good friend told me to read The Power of Now, and it was that book that peaked my curiosity into living in the present and the power of meditation. Combine that with learning about minimalism, and I realized I still had some major changes I needed to make, but perhaps in a much different way than I previously thought.

So here begins my journey. I am going to clean up my life, starting with all my “things”. The clutter laying around, the unnecessary things sitting in my closet or under my bed that I don’t really need, and the things I’m holding onto simply for the act of holding on need to go. I will donate these items in an attempt to clean up my physical space before welcoming 2017, when the real work begins 😉



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